I changed the front stock brake pads to a set of Mintex the night before I ran a Time Trial at Lime Rock last year.  Thank God I did.  While I was switching the front right pads I noticed the lower ball joint nut was MISSING!  Well that's another story.  As far as the new pads go, They were a big improvement over stock.  No fade and you don't have to warm them up.  I searched all over the US to find them but no one could get them.  I finally got them from a shop in England.  I'll put the address and price out when I find the invoice.

I also got a set of steel braided brake lines from Top End Performance.  The price was $139.00 for a set of 6.  Again well worth the money.  They sell other add-on's for the Elan from brakes to suspension.  Check out their site.

Here's a scan of the box, front and back, of the Mintex pads.  On the back you can see other British cars that also use the pads.